Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Ciudad del Este

After visiting Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side, we had a few hours in the afternoon to spare, and had the opportunity to cross the border fifteen minutes away into Paraguay, to the city of Ciudad del Este.

Although we didn’t have a huge deal of time to explore the place, we still noticed it had a different feel to it compared to Foz do Iguaçu, where we were staying in Brazil. Ciudad del Este was the second largest city in Paraguay, yet it definitely felt a bit more underdeveloped, but it was a nice place to walk around.

The was a busy market taking place, which was selling all sorts of goods, and there were a lot of electronic stores around. In fact, our guide mentioned to us that Ciudad del Este was a place where people came specifically for electronic goods as they were pretty cheap here. With a few hours to walk around, we certainly didn’t get a chance to see a huge deal, but it was nice entering another country and getting the stamp I guess! Maybe one day we’ll be able to go back and take a proper look.

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